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Karen A. Connolly

Karen Anne Connolly, J.D. is a former elite athlete from the United Kingdom who attended the University of Arizona on an athletic scholarship where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.  Thereafter, she obtained a Juris Doctorate of Law.  Ms. Connolly’s primary areas of practice are family law and criminal defense. 

Ms. Connolly has proven her exceptional trial skills by winning felony jury trials in both federal and state court.  She has also participated in many trials in family court.  In the criminal defense arena Ms. Connolly has proven her writing and oratory skills, knowledge of the law and powers of persuasion by successfully advocating for convictions/sentences to be set aside.  Her jury trial experience is unique among family law practitioners where litigants do not have a right to a jury trial. 

Ms. Connolly understands the difficult and emotional journey faced by those involved in family litigation and the need for an attorney to help litigants stay focused on the issues rather than becoming embroiled with oftentimes attenuated emotional drama.  She herself is a mother. 

In her criminal practice, Ms. Connolly has represented people charged with simple misdemeanors as well as those charged with the most serious of crimes: capital murder.  She successfully advocated for the removal of one man from death row.  She has also defended people with complex and serious federal crimes.

As a testament to her perseverance and legal acumen, Karen Anne Connolly has argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Nevada Supreme Court where she has secured reversals.