Dear Karen,

Last week was extremely long: No property, completely empty cell, limited food and sleep, two full days in shackles, no shower or shave, no clean clothes, etc… But as soon as I saw you in action, I immediately forgot about all the discomfort and stress. Karen, you’re awesome!

I was impressed with your meticulous organization, with your lazor [sic] focus, and most of all, I’m impressed with how passionately you fought. I don’t know how I got so lucky to get you as my lawyer, but I’m extremely grateful.

Thank you, to you and your office, for all of your hard work. You have given me that most precious of treasures….hope.

Most Sincerely,


Let’s Work Together!

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Thank You Card

Thank You Card

When A person does something that means the world to other people, then that person deserves a world of gratitude. Thank you so much. Thank you for being there for us! You rock!